Bamboo Multiplex

Bamboo Multiplex

Bamboo Multiplex, commonly referred to as "Clumping Bamboo" or "Hedge Bamboo," is a sub-tropical bamboo that is easily maintained and is one of the best bamboos for outdoor planting. It grows into a large dramatic fountain shape with strong 1.5-inch diameter canes and long narrow leaves that remain green all year long. Bamboo Multiplex is a non-invasive clumping species that can make an outstanding ornamental screen or specimen plant. It prefers well-drained soil and grows in full sunlight to partial shade. At maturity, Bamboo Multiplex reaches a height of 28 feet. However, through pruning and regular maintenance canes can be cut back to control the mature height.

Non-Invasive Bamboo

Due to its unfortunate reputation as a voracious spreader, many landscapers have ignored bamboo's potential as an elegant, evergreen plant. However, there are two very different classifications of bamboo based on their root structure: clumping (non-invasive) and running (invasive).

Running bamboos contain leptomorph rhizome systems, which are composed of long, thin rhizomes that spread rapidly and grow horizontally. If left uncontrolled, running bamboos can become invasive to the surrounding plants and landscape. Clumping bamboos, on the other hand, have pachymorph rhizome systems, characterized by short, thick rhizomes that expand slowly each year and grow in close clumps. The root systems of clumping bamboos do not spread horizontally more than a few inches each year.

All varieties of bamboo grown at ArborNature's wholesale nursery contain non-invasive, clumping root systems, and can be grown without the worry of unwanted spread.

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