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Construction damage is one of the most common causes of tree death and decline in urban landscapes. As towns and suburbs expand, residential and commercial buildings are erected in the midst of trees to take advantage of the aesthetic value of wooded lots. Unfortunately, if proper steps are not taken to ensure their survival, many trees will be lost in subsequent years.

If the right measures are taken, it is possible to preserve many of the trees located on building sites. The most important step is to ensure that a professional arborist gets involved early — during the planning stages. The arborists at ArborNature are trained to help identify which trees are suitable for saving and can work with the builder throughout each phase of construction to protect the trees.

How Trees Are Damaged During Construction

The methods involved with construction can often be deadly or damaging to nearby trees. When construction equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, and cranes are operated near trees, the trees are likely to suffer. Branches can be broken or split, and often, trunks are seriously wounded. Pruning cuts made by untrained construction workers may form wounds that never close on a weakened tree.

The most serious damage to trees caused by construction happens underground. The root system of a tree growing in a wooded area often spreads a distance much greater than the height of the tree. Generally, the fine, absorbing roots are concentrated in the upper few inches of the soil. These roots can easily be damaged or killed by construction equipment. When tree roots are cut or damaged due to construction activity, symptoms may appear within a few months, or may take a few years to develop.

Planning and Preservation

If trees are to be preserved on construction sites, their consideration cannot wait until the construction begins. In fact, the earlier in the process that an arborist becomes involved, the greater the chances of success.

The arborists at ArborNature are experienced in communicating and working with other construction professionals such as developers, planners, city engineers, and builders. Our primary objective of development is to satisfy all of the requirements of construction with minimal impact to the trees that are to remain on site. ArborNature's arborists will work with the builders and developers to determine which trees are to be preserved and which should be removed. It will probably not be practical, or even desirable, to save every tree on the site.

When evaluating each tree's suitability for saving, ArborNature takes into account the species, size and maturity, location, and health of each tree. ArborNature will prepare a plan that details the location of trees and other features in relation to the buildings, roads, and infrastructure. This plan will show preservation zones and details of all mitigation and preservation measures necessary for the project.

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