Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Many years ago, stump removal was a difficult and expensive process, but thanks to modern machines made precisely for the task, stump grinding has become an affordable and efficient way to rid your landscape of unattractive stumps that might otherwise take years to rot away. The stump grinding equipment used by ArborNature allows our arborists to accurately remove the stump from one tree without damaging any of the surround roots of other trees. ArborNature employs both small portable stump grinders for hard to get to stumps in confined areas and larger models for the quick removal of more accessible stumps.

Why Remove A Stump

Besides being unsightly and potentially hazardous, as a stump dries out, it becomes a haven for both airborne and subterranean termites, in addition to ants, roaches and other such pests. It may also become a den for opossums, squirrels, raccoons, snakes and many such yard-loving creatures.

Grinding Process

Stumps are professionally removed by grinding them into mulch, usually 6" to 12" below grade, being ever-aware of potential hazards. The hole from grinding is then filled in with the residual mulch, and a thorough cleanup of the surrounding area is performed. If desired, all residual mulch can also be removed and the hole filled in with high quality topsoil to allow for immediate planting in the area.

To learn more about ArborNature's stump grinding service and how we can help remove unwanted stumps from your landscape, contact us online or call ArborNature today.