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You should look at your trees and love what you see. That's why, at ArborNature, our certified arborists and experienced crews are dedicated to taking great care of our customers, their trees, and their properties.

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Our area wouldn't be what it is without its trees. The stately pines. The classic palmettos. The live oaks draped in Spanish moss.

The more you take care of your trees, the more they thrive—and the less risk they pose to your landscape and your property.

Hilton Head Tree Service
Adam Congrove
Our region's trees add both unique charm and unique challenges to our lives. As a Hilton Head Island native, I'm proud to say ArborNature works hard to preserve the natural beauty of our landscape, take great care of our trees, and serve the amazing people who live here.
Adam Congrove, President of ArborNature

Trusted by 100+ top communities and businesses across the Lowcountry

Services that care for the health of your trees & your peace of mind

Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and shrub pruning

Enhance the health and beauty of your trees through expert pruning techniques.

  • Maintain plant health and aesthetics
  • Control growth
  • Encourage flower and fruit production
  • Rejuvenate old or overgrown plants
  • Protect people and property
Tree Removal

Professional and safe tree removal

When no other alternatives are available, tree removal can become necessary to eliminate dead or hazardous trees.

  • Remove dead or dying trees
  • Prevent the spread of disease or insect infestations
  • Protect people and property
  • Increase your view or sunlight for lawn and plants
  • Prepare for new construction and relandscaping
Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding

Remove the stump of one tree without damaging the surrounding roots of other trees.

  • Add aesthetic and economic value
  • Remove tripping hazards
  • Prevent insects and fungal diseases
  • Reuse the space for new plants and landscaping
  • Eliminate new growth and resprouts
Tree Fertilization

Tree fertilization and soil care

Mitigate nutrient deficiencies in your trees with proper tree fertilization and soil maintenance.

  • Supplement macronutrients essential for growth
  • Enable trees to better uptake water and nutrients
  • Lessen soil compaction and increase aeration
  • Speed the recovery and wound closure of trees
  • Quicken the growth and health of young trees
Insect and Disease Management

Tree insect and disease management

Diagnose and remedy insects or diseases attacking weakened trees.

  • Protect your landscape from insect damage
  • Prevent the spread of fungal diseases
  • Grow healthy plants and build healthy soils
  • Detect pest infestations before they reach damaging levels
  • Safe for people and the environment

Schedule a Tree Safety Check with an ISA Certified Arborist

Don't wait for property damage. Your trees should be inspected by a professional EVERY year to maintain their health and protect your family.

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Schedule your complimentary consultation

One of our ISA Certified Arborists will meet with you to discuss your needs and evaluate your trees.

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You'll feel the relief that comes from knowing your trees are healthy and your property is protected, too.

Why Choose ArborNature

Why choose ArborNature for your tree service needs?

At ArborNature, we care for more than just your trees. We take care of you and your property by providing safe, efficient, excellent, and innovative tree care service.

Unrivaled tree expertise

ArborNature is led by a team of ISA Certified Arborists and crew leaders with decades of combined leadership and professionalism. There isn't a tree, landscape, construction project, or pest infestation that we aren't equipped to handle.

Customer-first approach

Our primary goal is your complete satisfaction. This approach has led to hundreds of leading Hilton Head Island communities and businesses trusting us with their tree care needs. We know we can deliver that same satisfaction for you, too.

Safety and efficiency

Our commitment to safety helps us take great care of our customers and each other. Every service we perform has deliberate and intentional safety precautions built in, allowing our crews to deliver the great results you expect.

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