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When no other option is left, ArborNature will expertly remove any tree from your property.

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Tree Removal

When tree removal is necessary, ArborNature is ready

Sometimes tree removal becomes a necessary part of maintaining your property. Our team at ArborNature excels at it.

In most cases, we recommend tree removals for one of two reasons: first, to eliminate dead trees, and second, as a last resort when a tree has become hazardous to the surrounding landscape and less aggressive options aren't viable solutions.

Tree Removal Experts

Tree removal experts

Tree removal is the most dangerous aspect of arboriculture. Often, tree workers are called upon to remove trees growing in limited spaces or next to buildings, power lines, and other delicate areas.

At ArborNature, our goal in all of our tree work operations is to provide the safest work environment for both our customers and employees. We also work hard to minimize impact to the surrounding landscape and thoroughly clean up all debris after the tree is removed. Our team has removed thousands of trees and is trained to safely and successfully perform any tree removal.

Crane-assisted tree removals

Sometimes, a tree isn't safe to remove by traditional means, either for your property or our workers—or both.

Our tree cranes allow us to remove trees in even the most difficult situations. They allow us to remove taller trees, access difficult locations, and better protect your property. Sometimes, using a crane is the only safe option, especially in situations where the tree has rotted, pests or diseases have taken hold, or when storm damage has compromised the tree.

Crane-assisted Tree Removals

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Sea Pines
"I want to tell you what a first-rate operation you run!

I could not have been more pleased with the job your guys did at my house. I had three very large pine trees removed and seven stumps ground. The period of the job was over three days. Each day the men cleaned up my yard/porch, even though they knew they would be back the next day "making a mess".

Also, they moved most of the individual stones in a walkway to my backyard (where the third tree had to be removed) out of the way and put the stones back at the end of the job. Several stones were broken, but the last guy on the job replaced them the same day!"
— Cathy R., Residential Customer, Sea Pines