Lightning Protection Systems

Don't let a lightning strike destroy your landscape

Lightning protection systems can keep a storm from undoing years of beauty in a flash.

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Lightning Protection

A bolt of lightning can destroy a tree in less than a second

Lightning strikes can blow trees apart, strip off their bark, and set them on fire. Worse, any people or animals under a tree can be killed when lightning strikes the tree.

Some trees are more likely to be struck than others. Trees standing alone in open landscapes, the tallest trees in an area, or trees standing on a hill have a higher probability of being struck by lightning.

Protect Valuable and Historic Trees

Protect both people and valuable, historic trees

It makes sense to protect a tree from lightning in a variety of cases. Historic trees, trees of great economic value, or large trees within 10 feet of a structure all can benefit from lightning protection.

Lightning protection can protect people, too. Trees on a golf course or in a park where people seek refuge during a storm should also be equipped with lightning protection systems.

How our lightning protection systems work

At ArborNature, we only use lightning protection hardware that has been approved by the National Fire Protection Association or the Lightning Protection Institute. These lightning protection systems consist of a series of copper conductors that extend from the top of the tree, down the main branches and trunk, and underground out beyond the tree, where they are grounded.

Lightning protection systems need to be inspected annually. When a tree has grown significantly past the terminals, the conductor cables and terminals need to be extended to ensure maximum protection. Our annual inspections also include a check of all splices and connections to ensure a continuous flow of current in case of a strike.

Lightning Protection Systems

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