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Construction doesn't need to harm great trees

Protecting trees from damage during construction requires a good arborist to get involved at every step along the way.

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Arborist Reports

Construction damage is one of the most common causes of tree death and decline

If proper steps aren't taken to protect a property's trees, those trees are at risk of getting lost both during and after construction. In order to preserve your trees, it is vitally important to involve a professional arborist throughout a project, and especially during the planning stages.

Our arborists at ArborNature are trained to help identify which trees are suitable for saving and can then work with the builder throughout each phase of a project to ensure the health of the trees, both during construction and for the years to come.

Protect Trees During New Construction

How trees are damaged during construction

Construction workers who are untrained in tree care often break or split branches, seriously wound trunks, or make pruning cuts that form wounds that never close on a weakened tree.

Even with these more obvious dangers, the most serious damage to trees caused by construction happens underground. The root system of a tree often spreads a distance much greater than its height. Construction equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, and cranes can easily damage or kill these roots. Unfortunately, when tree roots are cut or damaged due to construction activity, the damage isn't readily apparent. Symptoms may appear within a few months, or they may take a few years to develop.

Planning and preservation

When working on a project, our arborists' objective is to make sure construction proceeds with minimal impact to the trees that are to remain onsite. Our arborists are experienced in communicating and working with other construction professionals such as developers, planners, city engineers, and builders.

The earlier in the process that an arborist becomes involved, the greater the chances you have of successfully preserving trees on construction sites. When we evaluate each tree's suitability for saving, we take into account the species, size and maturity, location, and health of the tree. We then prepare a plan that details the location of trees and shows preservation zones and details of all mitigation and preservation measures necessary for the long-term health of your trees.

Tree Planning and Preservation

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"When ArborNature removed a diseased tree close to my house, they did a wonderful job. The tree was huge and they removed it piece by piece without disturbing the shrubbery around the base of the tree. It was amazing. The workers were skillful and professional, completing the difficult job in a safe manner. They cleaned up the area nicely when they were finished."
— Ruth B., Residential Customer, Belfair