Tree Inspections

A good tree inspection makes a huge difference

Protect what you care about from dangerous trees on your property with a tree inspection from one of our trained arborists.

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Tree Inspections

You don't want to have hazardous trees

Trees become hazardous when the failure of their parts could result in personal injury or property damage.

Identifying and correcting structural defects doesn't just reduce the potential for failure and property damage, though. These things also can prolong the life of your trees.

Tree Evaluations

Know what's going on with your trees

A lot goes into a good tree inspection. When evaluating the potential of a tree to fail, our arborists examine the species, growth habits, size, branch attachments, defects, condition of the root system, lean, and the history of the tree.

Most tree failures, though, occur during or as a result of storms. Exposure to winds, lightning, and rainfall, along with other environmental factors like soil conditions, slope, construction, and nearby trenching can all affect the likelihood of failure. We take all of these things into account as we inspect trees and make recommendations.

Take action to reduce your risk

Almost all trees pose some risk of failure. As trees grow larger and more mature, the degree of risk increases. By definition, though, a tree does not present a hazard if there is no potential target. Potential targets may include structures, vehicles, or people.

A thorough inspection of trees requires a fundamental knowledge of tree structure and physiology. It takes a trained eye to discern the difference between a minor flaw and a possible hazard. Our arborists at ArborNature are fully trained to evaluate the level of risk trees represent and make recommendations on ways to reduce that risk.

Tree Risk of Failure

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Hilton Head Plantation
"Adam, your workers did a wonderful job for us this morning. They were pleasant, efficient, and very precise in cleaning up all the landscape debris before they left. We will definitely contract with ArborNature in the future should the need arise. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to others."
— Phyllis D., Residential Customer, Hilton Head Plantation