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Old stumps don't stand a chance

Don't wait years for tree stumps to rot away when we can efficiently and affordably remove them for you.

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Stump Grinding

Rid your landscape of unattractive stumps

An old tree stump in your landscape is more than just an eye sore. They can actually pose a risk to your property—and improper stump removal can, too.

The equipment used matters. We have both small, portable stump grinders for tricky stumps in confined areas and larger models for the quick removal of more accessible stumps. More than anything, we make sure to remove the undesired stump without damaging your property or the root systems of surrounding trees.

Why Remove a Stump

Why remove a stump

A stump will become unsightly and potentially hazardous as it dries out. It can also become a haven for unwanted visitors.

Stumps attract insects like airborne and subterranean termites, ants, roaches, bees, and more. They may also become a den for opossums, squirrels, raccoons, and snakes—none of which are things most homeowners like to have around.

The stump grinding process

We professionally remove stumps by grinding them into mulch, usually 4–12" below grade. During the process, we are mindful of potential hazards like cables, wires, and gas lines, as well as the root systems of surrounding trees and plants.

When the stump is ground, we then fill in the hole with the residual mulch before performing a thorough cleanup of the surrounding area. If desired, we can remove all residual mulch and fill the hole in with high-quality topsoil to allow for immediate planting in the area.

The Stump Grinding Process

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Hilton Head Plantation
"A short note to tell you how much we appreciate the services rendered by your company. The two men who removed the trees were spectacular. Watching them work was like watching artists at work. The man who ground the stumps also did spectacular work.

All your employees were friendly, professional, and efficient. We feel a lot safer knowing the tree no longer threatens our environment. We have recommended your company to several friends and will continue to do so in the future. Thank You!"
— Edward M., Residential Customer, Hilton Head Plantation